Wednesday, February 23, 2011

rock-a-hula baby!

i finally decided "why yes: we should go to viva las vegas this year" after having many internal battles with myself. i have gone the last few years with the sort-of exception of last year. jenna and i waited too long to get tickets and they sold out. we still made a pretty good weekend of hanging out at pepper mill and circus circus with comedian josh thompson, seeing dita von teese' burlesque act at the crazy horse, viva las vegas car show, lobby shenanigans, and a romp around town with the guys from los creepers.

i don't care if viva has lost it's sparkle, mike is in for a treat... any reason to go to las vegas is fun enough!


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

tropical barkcloth, oh my!

i've been M.I.A. the past few weeks due to a busy schedule and a nasty cold. i have been hopped up on pseudophed for days now and still feel super stuffy! today was flea market day but i skipped it due to two doctors appointments and i spent some time with mike's brother, nick. however i did go last week and the week before. as previously mentioned i have been trying hard to stay within a budget for vintage non-necessities. within the past few weeks i picked up what i thought was to be a piece of midcentury tropical barkcloth but actually turned out to be a curtain. it was a great surprise! i was going to re-sew it as the print is upside down when hanging but then realized it would shorten it's length. so for now i will keep this semi-annoying upside down curtain. i also picked up a (midcentury of course) telephone stand and an orange box label for the kitchen. when i'm not feeling so miserable i will get around to taking pictures. i also went to my friend courtney's house in santa clarita last week and had a fun girls night in while her boyfriend jay pin striped a few goodies for me. i had him pin stripe a wallet for aubry's birthday, my digital picture frame (which i had him do in pink and turquoise. in hind sight it was a good idea but it came out looking a little too native american from the 80s for my liking. whoops!) and my new toaster that mike bought. boy, you know you're old when you get excited about getting gifts like toasters! alas, it is the thought that counts, right?!