Thursday, March 24, 2011

Truly missing in action

can it be true that i have ignored my new blog for a month already?! oh yes it's true! i do apologize for the lack of updates. house hunting is on in full swing in central california right now. that's right - i've decided to take the big plunge. well, sort of anyway. i will be keeping my job until thungs get settled here, and then i will start looking for a job. as a southern california native i find myself very resistant at the mere thought of leaving it's smoggy delights and mild winters, but as my momma put it best - it's good to spread your wings... and you can always come home! the best part of central cal?! the amount of freedom i have - not being surrounded by concrete jungle but instead the fruits of our labor and a vast sea of green earth. but the very best part?! an easy going man who takes me for exactly who i am, and the love we share and multipy on a daily basis... even as he snores loudly into my left ear, like now.

i do, however have some barkcloth curtains that need to be photographed and a midcentury modern antique roadshow extraviganza to share about!

happy trails to y'all for the time being!