Wednesday, February 23, 2011

rock-a-hula baby!

i finally decided "why yes: we should go to viva las vegas this year" after having many internal battles with myself. i have gone the last few years with the sort-of exception of last year. jenna and i waited too long to get tickets and they sold out. we still made a pretty good weekend of hanging out at pepper mill and circus circus with comedian josh thompson, seeing dita von teese' burlesque act at the crazy horse, viva las vegas car show, lobby shenanigans, and a romp around town with the guys from los creepers.

i don't care if viva has lost it's sparkle, mike is in for a treat... any reason to go to las vegas is fun enough!



  1. Oh man, my best friend wanted to go to this but alas, no money no time! Y'know I've never been to Vegas! OMG!

  2. you should go, it really is the city of sin! lots of kitchy, campy goodness too. at the risk of sounding like a creep we should go thrifting or something sometime together. although i've been in ventura a year now i have about two friends out here so it gets pretty lonely! i am always on the hunt for good girlfriends, they're hard to make!