Sunday, April 17, 2011

it's official... we're moving!

yep that's right! we were approved for the 1950s three bedroom track house and as of the 29th of this month i will no longer be a southern californian. well, i guess i will always be, but now i am a central californian too.

this month is going to be absolutely crazy. mike's birthday was on friday and per his request he wanted to go camping, so we've been at our trailer at pine flat since thursday. we bought this lil' 23 foot 1973 coleman prowler a few months ago with the hopes of turning it into our own little tropical tiki oasis. with moving and whatnot plans for the trailer have been pushed back but we're anxious to get the ball rolling before the 110 degree weather here in fresno starts to creep in. in fact today mike gets to spend a good part of the day weed wacking for fire safety! lucky him =)

with that i better get the ball rolling. today is probably going to be the only day for me to relax for the next month. we will be going to las vegas next weekend (for viva) and i have work and packing/moving every day between that. i am not looking forward to all this frantic packing that we get to do. oh well, on the bright side it will all be done and over with by this time next month!

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  1. Oh wow! Moving is such a big endeavor! I wish you and the fam the very best with it and your new home. Be sure to post pics of it! Hava great day!