Tuesday, April 26, 2011

viva las vegas, procrastination, and a few photos

i don't really know what to say about viva this year. we had so many things to squish into a 3 day period that we didn't do nearly enough things we wanted to do. if you're looking for an in depth run down of viva you're probably looking at the wrong gal. we left for vegas late thursday and arrived at 4 something a.m. and because i was not sure if i would get time off for viva or not i did not reserve a hotel room so we winged it and stayed at some ghetto motel off the strip. this was no problem by me as i think seedy hotels are kind of neat and we were really only there to sleep. friday we spent the day drinking and roaming around the vendors and bands and spent the evening on the strip (i should mention now that every night was fueled by alcohol) where we walked 4 miles and ended up going to sleep at some ungodly hour. saturday was much of the same with the addition off the car show and it was coincidentally the same day mike's ex (aubry's mom) was in town to get hitched to her boyfriend. ahem. husband. we ended the evening at one of my favorite tiki bars, frankie's tiki room, with mike's friends (who happen to be his ex' cousins that were there for the wedding) and at the sahara. sunday was spent running around doing last minute things and picking up aubry. we got on the road around 5 p.m. and stopped at just about every kitschy spot on the 15 freeway from bass pro shop to peggy sue's diner. (you must remember - mike is a "man's man" who likes hunting and fishing and guns, so from time to time i have to endure trips to weird places like bass pro shop or pawn shops in exchange for him being such a trooper about going to zillions of antique malls and flea markets with me.)

i didn't take ANY pictures of mike and i (i'm getting worse and worse) sans one group shot of him and i with his friends lacey and tim at frankie's (they were both, by the way, awesome.)


and here just about the only picture you can see of my makeup. i left in a hurry and really only stuck to one shade of colors (my old stand bys) the whole weekend.


i also uploaded a zillion pictures of cars from the car show to my picasa account here if you are interested in seeing them.

and in other news i have 19 days to move while working 9 twelve hour days in between. whew! i have slowly started packing today. mike and i had a little too much fun this weekend and are both trying to battle off some mystery illness (i feel strep throat coming on... greeeeeat) so i have been going at a snail's pace today!!!

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