Friday, December 16, 2011

the guity blogger

well 2011 has been a whirwind of a year; that is certain.

i started this here blog with great intention and well, my last blog was in august?! where the hell does time go. i made the move from the greater los angeles area to california's san joaquin valley. a.k.a. the land that wikipedia so gracefully dubs as an economy of agriculture, petroleum, and poverty. the positive side? we do NOT live in an area of poverty thank god, but we do live in an area of vast agricultural fields with cheap antiques and a knock out view of the sequoia national park. living here has taken some getting used to - and boy do i miss LA - but it visalia holds quite a special place in my heart. and truth be told i'm home enough not to miss LA too much.

this week i have lost my beautiful grandmother anselma and my boston spaniel baby bailey. my grandmother, or welita as we called her, lived two weeks shy of her 91st birthday. an immigrant from mexico in the 1960s she raised 8 boys and 1 girl. she was always an elegant well dressed woman who never learned how to drive and her english was spotty at best, and was she a great cook. she lived a great life of tragedy - losing her husband nearly 22 years ago and 5 of her 9 children to various causes. she died peacefully in her bedroom surrounded by her loved ones and as a nurse i know this is one of the best things in life you could hope for. i see so many terrible things at work and it really makes you stop and smell the roses. if that wasn't a low enough blow 3 days later one of my 8 month old puppies and i went outside to get the mail when for god knows what reason she jumped into the street at the precise moment a little ol' lady in a white volvo ran her over right in front of me. as i just mentioned: i'm a nurse. i see things no person should ever, ever have to see. but having my poor, sweet puppy killed right in front of me like that was one of thee most difficult things i have ever had to deal with. bailey was my pal: we swam together, played fetch together, slept in the same bed together and did just about everything else together. it is unfortunate that some life experiences have to be learned this way, and i will never, ever underestimate the pain of someone losing a 4 legged best friend again. i'd like to think that my grandmother has a new lil' doggie in heaven.


rest in peace my sweet girl

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  1. Aw, I'm so sad for your Grandma and your puppy! Losing a family member is hard enough but your pet too? Good wishes coming your way for the holiday and new year. I hope things start to cheer up!