Saturday, August 27, 2011


i have developed an unhealthy obsession with

i was scared i would turn into some awful bridezilla but i have found myself to be quite the opposite. i have been tagging ideas for our wedding on my pinterest account. my dad and step-mom informed me this week that they will be paying the site fee which takes a huge weight off of my shoulders and is quite a wonderful gift. we still have not set a date but i am aiming for august 4th, 2012 which will be my maternal grandparents 67th wedding anniversary.

since i am out of work and it's been a slow month for mike work-wise this weekend is an "at home" weekend filled with lots of netflix and avoiding the heat. tonight i am making burritos with homemade frijoles and arroz. my abuelita would be proud.

in the meantime, take a look at my pinterest board. i'm sure you too will find the site crack-worthy.


  1. Oohh! I love the wreath made out of drink umbrellas! That would be SO EASY to make! Are you thinking of having a tiki themed wedding? That would be adorable :-)

  2. yeah ain't that cuuuute!? i think we're gonna do something like a honky tonk, but i need to sneak in some tiki of course! i'm going tomorrow to look at strathearn park in simi. they have a little chapel and a barn!