Tuesday, January 4, 2011

an intro!

ahh yes. the obligatory, boring details. my name is lauren. i am 26, a registered nurse, and live in sunny southern california with my boyfriend mike and my two cats zion and aunrea. we live in midtown ventura where it is currently 61 degrees, can't beat that for january! our apartment is part of a 6 unit complex built in the 1920s, complete with an ocean view (and on a clear day like today you can even see santa cruz and anacapa islands!) and 300 layers of white paint on the walls. wait, what do you mean i have crown molding?! both my parents come from large families - my mother's side is irish, father's is mexican - so family is a big deal to me. coincidentally i am an only child sans one older step-brother. mike also comes from a very large irish-italian family and has one beautiful daughter who is 8.

i love researching, finding, and talking about antiques - mostly 1940s-1960s mid-century modernism and am always happy to make new friends who share similar interests.

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