Tuesday, January 18, 2011

it's 5 o'clock somewhere


ahh a lazy tuesday evening. today i did my re-certification for ACLS (which is just big fancy nurse speak for advanced CPR and the meds that go along with it) and now i have 5 more glorious days off to enjoy. tonight i have a date with myself: i will make myself a cocktail and finish painting the little kitchen shelf that i bought months ago and never finished. sounds exciting, doesn't it? tomorrow is flea market day so i plan on getting there early. the weather has been warm and sunny here in ventura so tomorrow should really be a treat. there is a good possibility of a move to fresno (i know, gross) in the semi-near future so i am really trying to take advantage of my costal living situation. i have never lived anywhere outside of the greater los angeles area and just the thought of leaving saddens me immensely. so in the meantime - i'll drink to that!


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