Tuesday, January 25, 2011


this week was pretty great. i was off of work and got to catch up with some of my gal pals and do a little thrifting. i am really good at spending money and i've been working hard at budgeting myself, especially on things like little knick knacks. here are the items i picked up for $10: a kitchen carmen miranda like bobble head (my grandparents have a set like this lying around somewhere, but japanese... one day i will have to see if they will let these sticky fingers adopt them), a red "i will hold the tea bag" tea bag holder to match it's lemony cousin, and a piece of sheer fabric with a great atomic print that will be turned into a cute little curtain for the bathroom window. what you see behind it is what i get to see in my 'backyard' every day. beautiful!






i also picked up a copy of social distortion's new album hard times and nursery rhymes trying to give them the benefit of the doubt after i didn't like their last album so much. i am sorry to say that i like this one even less sans a few tracks. i was also amazed to see how much best buy's cd selection has dwindled, i guess cds are becoming obsolete thanks to downloadable media! i must admit that i am probably part of that problem - i download a lot of my music too, but every now and then i deem a 'special' album worth purchasing on cd or vinyl. i am however a huge fan of print media and non-digital recordings and would hate to see places like amoeba records go out of business.

and speaking of social d... we are going to see them tonight with our good friends courtney and jay. which means, i am off to clean house and make appetizers!

until next time,
xoxo Lo

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  1. Gee! You did get the same sewing chair! They are really common, sucks mine was broken! lol... Ugh...

    Howdy from a fellow southern CA resident!